[Marxism] India: An Update from Lalgarh

Bhaskar Sunkara bhaskar.sunkara at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 13:32:22 MDT 2009

Anyone who has been to West Bengal or anywhere in the Red Corridor would 
know that there is little support for the Maoists among the Indian 
working class.  I can't testify to the level of support that they have 
with peasants and among groups suffering from the fractious and uneven 
growth that taken place in India in the past few decades, but they 
cannot win in India.  They don't have vision that will win over or help 
Indian workers.  And Comrade Roy is right to criticize their tactics. 
There is a lot wrong with the CPI-M.  There has historically always been 
a lot wrong with the CPI-M since the 1920s when MN Roy and the talented 
core of their cadre were expelled by Stalin's Cominterm. I just wouldn't 
view these Maoists through rose-colored lenses, especially from afar.  
(I do support the CPN-M in Nepal).

Politicus E. wrote:
> Ragesh Roy wrote:
> "my remark was a criticism of Maoist violence in Bengal, and their
> opportunistic alliance with Mamta Banerjee against the CPI(M).. I
> support the CPI(M).. over the last five days, about 15 people
> including CPI(M) cadre have been murdered by these petty criminals who
> dream of bringing revolution to India through cold-blooded murder.."
> Comrade Roy, thank you for this clarification.
> However, if we are to engage in a debate that consists of an exchange
> "sound-bite" e-mails, then my response is simply to urge you to
> re-consider your support for the CPI(M).
> You must surely recognize that the Trinamool is dialectically "a
> rightward negation" of the politics of CPI(M), born in the womb of
> Nandigram and Singur.  Have we forgotten those massacres?  Thus, the
> CPI(M) is itself the party responsible for the emergence of Trinamool
> in the first instance.
> By the way, what you refer to as the "ultra-left" is in point of fact
> a heterogenous political formation, contrary to the CPI(M) line.
> epoliticus

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