[Marxism] Examples of the use of force by American forces against its citizens.

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 14:15:25 MDT 2009

I agree that the way this question is formulated it restricts its
concerns to "citizens"--which, through much of history, means almost
only white and only men--which minimizes the answers in many ways.

Anyone on a Marxism list should seriously consider the merits of
letting the computer cool down periodically and getting to a library.
In any good used bookstore, you should be able to find a yellowed old
dog-eared dirt cheap general history of the American labor movement.
Everything that was done in the 1930s simply built upon a century of
precedents...and more.  They've been using troops against strikers
since the 1830s, especially so from the 1850s up to 1877, which rather
made clear where the US government comes down in disputes between
labor and capital.  The 1877 strike was put down in blood in many


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