[Marxism] Protest gay marriage at HRC Twin Citiies dinner

Lynn MacDonald lynnmacd at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 12 16:04:59 MDT 2009

David Thorstad wrote:

I do hope the liberal leftists on the list who support marriage, hate 
crimes laws, and gays in the imperialist military won't accuse these 
same-sexer antimarriage protesters of being "right-wing," as a few have 
accused me of being for opposing those things (bizarrely labeled 
"democratic demands").


Who would accuse you of being right-wing? - you go far beyond that into just plain hateful.  What does it matter to you if my son marries a man or my daughter marries a woman?  You would never even know it happened.  You would never even have a part in their lives and it would not have any effect on you whatsoever.  If someone bashed my son's head in and he died for being gay, what would it matter to you if I wanted to see his killer(s) prosecuted for the hateful people they are.  Not only did they kill - but killing with prejudice is a special circumstance whether you like it or not.  You would want to see someone who raped and murdered your three year old daughter to go to jail for life, would you not?  The killer chose your daughter because she was a child just like my son's killer would have chose him because he is gay.  Is that too complicated for you - do I need to put it in crayon?

You and your cronies will never stop what is right and just from happening.  Just because you do not agree with someone else's happiness does not mean they do not deserve to be happy!!  And purposely going out of your way to deny another their civil rights means you do not deserve any either.  If you right-wing nut jobs (there I called you one!) did get your way we would be living in a more militaristic state than we are now.  Free country - my ass!

I cannot believe that people like you exist on such a list as this and because of that, I do not feel that any educated conversation can happen.

For all of you on this list who are not sick, pathetic cretans like this guy and the other gay basher on the list, I do apologize.  I will now bow out to find another list because this one does not have anything to do with Marx at this point.  It is very sad.

Good day/night,
Lynn aka Mighty Proud Liberal Leftist

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