[Marxism] Examples of the use of force by American forces against its citizens

Pat Costello pt_costello at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 12 19:46:08 MDT 2009

1967 Detroit Riots: the National Guard and the Army were sent into the Black community. A friend of mine who lived there at the time described how the national guard arrived in tanks that went down narrow streets, flattening any cars in the way. He said that he witnessed a sniper shoot at the tanks and they turned the tank guns towards the top of that building and blew it to smithereens. This kind of thing would never make it to the 5:00 news. 

The National Guard was also sent to Newark during the 1967 riots, to Watts during the 1965 riots, to Liberty City in Miami during the 1980 riots and to Los Angeles during the 1992 riots. 


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