[Marxism] Examples of the use of force by American forces against its citizens

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 20:52:12 MDT 2009

The National Guard went through a series of protocol restructuring back 
in the late 1970s and continues more or less through this day. Where as 
the NG in the past, 1960s, including anyone who signed up, it is 
organized much differently today. NG units that go into riot areas are 
no longer your run-of-mill weekend potbellied warriors but usually made 
up mostly of cops or ex-army/navy MPs. I'm hesitant to use a term like 
"professional" because it gives them a more 'responsible' image, but in 
fact that is the case with the larger States. They usually don't go in 
with 'tanks' anymore since they have far better, more effective fighting 
vehicles to use.

The first NG units to Iraq were there militarized NG cops.


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