[Marxism] This Rewriting of History is Spreading Europe's Poison

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On Sep 13, 2009, at 12:08 AM, Dennis Brasky wrote:
>> By Seumas Milne
>> The Guartdian (UK)
>> September 9, 2009
>> http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/sep/09/second-world-war-soviet-pact
Stalin's pact with Hitler did indeed set off the war.  But without  
that pact the war would have broken out anyway within a year or two,  
and it would have been an even greater disaster.

It was in June 1939 that Trotsky wrote that Chamberlain and Daladier  
were forcing Stalin to do a deal with Hitler.  By August it was clear  
to everyone that the British and French empires had no interest in an  
alliance with the Russian empire against the German.  Stalin therefore  
had every reason to expect that the British and French would do  
another Munich accepting Hitler's declaration that Danzig and the  
Corridor were his last territorial ambitions in Europe, a deal which  
would leave a German-dominated Polish regime, motivated by its  
hereditary hatred of everything Russian, at Hitler's service for an  
invasion of Russia.  Having destroyed the military capability of the  
Red Army in 1937-38,  Stalin had placed himself in the position where  
Russia could not plausibly threaten war, and so he could claim to have  
no choice but to realize his long-term ambition to form an alliance  
with the German nationalists.  He did disrupt the Anglo/French  
strategy and forced them into war (they were forced to declare war  
because the Russian alliance and the resulting German domination of  
east-central Europe meant that Hitler would become ever stronger so  
the military balance, still equal in 1939, would inevitably tilt ever  
more toward the German side). Unfortunately for Stalin, Hitler was no  
Hindenburg or Ludendorff.  He turned out to be quite the wrong sort  
(the insane plebian vonless sort) of German nationalist.

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