[Marxism] Good books on 'transition from fordism to postfordism' debate?

Joonas Laine jjonas at nic.fi
Sun Sep 13 02:24:38 MDT 2009


can anyone recommend good books on the debate about transition from 
fordist to postfordist capitalism that put it in some perspective (also 
globally), preferably with statistical information to make the points, 
instead of merely philosophising about changed perceptions people have 
towards their work etc..?

David Harvey's 'The condition of postmodernity' has some pretty good 
stuff in it (esp. pages 121-197), but it's already 20 years old, so if 
someone knows about more recent books that engage the postmodernists' 
claims about a fundamental paradigm change to knowledge-based 
capitalism, I would be grateful for any recommendations.

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