[Marxism] Good books on 'transition from fordism to postfordism' debate?

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> Subject: [Marxism] Good books on 'transition from fordism to
> 	postfordism'	debate?
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> Hi,
> can anyone recommend good books on the debate about transition from
> fordist to postfordist capitalism that put it in some perspective  
> (also
> globally), preferably with statistical information to make the points,
> instead of merely philosophising about changed perceptions people have
> towards their work etc..?
> David Harvey's 'The condition of postmodernity' has some pretty good
> stuff in it (esp. pages 121-197), but it's already 20 years old, so if
> someone knows about more recent books that engage the postmodernists'
> claims about a fundamental paradigm change to knowledge-based
> capitalism, I would be grateful for any recommendations.





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