[Marxism] "He was a friend of mine."

RicardoStarkey at aol.com RicardoStarkey at aol.com
Sun Sep 13 20:38:30 MDT 2009

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a country where a significant portion  of 
the populace comes out to honor a fighter for the  workers?  
_Thousands  pay respects to Cuban revolutionary hero_ 
"Almeida, one of just three  surviving rebel leaders who still bore the 
title "Commander of the Revolution,"  died Friday of a heart attack.
"Almeida, the Castro brothers  and Argentine-born Ernesto "Che" Guevara 
were among only 16 rebels who survived  the [Moncada] landing, in which most of 
the rebels were killed by government  troops.
"No one here gives up!"  Almeida shouted to Guevara at the time, giving the 
Cuban revolution one of its  most lasting slogans and ensuring his place in 
Cuban communist history. As a  guerrilla leader, Almeida later headed his 
own front of military operations in  eastern Cuba."
BTW, my Spanish is pretty decent, but I'd love  to know what the exact 
words of Almeida were, which have been translated as, "No  one here gives up!"  
Anyone know?


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