[Marxism] English skinheads wave ... Israeli flag!

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 02:04:29 MDT 2009

> No big surprises here.  The far right across Europe has been gravitating
> toward Israel for some time now, despite (or perhaps because of) its
> antisemitism.  The BNP, which for years was putting out Holocaust-denial
> and
> antisemitic material (they still do in a coded way), now has an official
> stance of 'prudent' support for Israel.  One of its senior activists prayed
> for Israel to reduce Hezbollah to a "greasy crater" after the 2006 Lebanon
> war.
> --
> Richard Seymour
No surprise, but it is still very interesting.  Moreover it is also
strangely satisfying in that such is the nature of the dialectic that
nothing can guarantee the failure of the Zionist entity more than the
support of the Far Right. For so long social democrats and labour movements
have acted like shields for the Zionists, now even they will be forced to
face the truth of what Israel is.



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