[Marxism] Please help save Venezuelanalysis.com

Kiraz Janicke kirazj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 08:15:49 MDT 2009

Dear Venezuela supporter,

We are writing to ask for your support for Venezuelanalysis.com.
Venezuelanalysis.com is the only English alternative news site dedicated
specifically to Venezuela and with contextualised, in-depth and
on-the-ground news updated daily. We also provide analysis on social and
political developments in Venezuela's "Bolivarian Revolution".

In our six years of existence we have covered Venezuela's many electoral
contests, its social movements, domestic and foreign policy initiatives,
economic indicators, experiments in grassroots democracy, labour and
environmental issues, opposition and media efforts to discredit and
destabilize the Bolivarian Process, as well as breaking news, among many
other topics.

During this time we have managed to steadily increase our readership, so
that now over 40,000 people ("unique visitors," according to Google
Analytics) visit the site per month. Also, we have steadily expanded our
service, so that now we not only offer news, analysis, and opinion articles,
but also audio news, e-books, extensive links, a basic facts section, reader
comments, RSS feeds, and more.

However, Venezuelanalysis.com is a small independent operation that
currently sustains a few Venezuelan-based reporters in addition to relying
on volunteers. We would like to continue, and if possible expand on, this
very valuable reportage from the heart of the movement for progressive
change in Latin America.

Unfortunately the worldwide recession is affecting us too, as we have lost
the support of our principal donors. As a result, the continued existence of
our regular, on the ground news and analysis, is under threat.

In the context of increased U.S. hostility towards Venezuela's Bolivarian
Process and the growing militarization of the region, in addition to the
corporate media campaign against Venezuela, we believe it is vital to
continue providing independent, accurate reporting on developments in

Venezuelanalysis.com relies solely on contributions from our readers and
supporters. To enable us to continue bringing you news and analysis about
ongoing developments in Venezuela, please support the website with a
regularly monthly donation of whatever you can afford: $5, $10, $50. One-off
donations are also appreciated.

To donate, please click here: http://www.venezuelanalysis.com/donate

In solidarity,

Greg Wilpert, James Suggett, Kiraz Janicke, Tamara Pearson

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