[Marxism] Joseph Stalin nostalgia?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Sep 14 11:14:58 MDT 2009

My general tendency is to avoid Stalin-Trotsky debates and have even 
ruled them as out of order on Marxmail since they inevitably lead to 
flame wars and have very little relevance to politics today. As proof of 
the latter, my closest political associate was the late Mark Jones who 
was about as hard core a Stalinist as they come. But we found that our 
agreements about the environmental crisis and imperialism superseded 
whatever disagreements we had about the Spanish Civil War, etc.

If pressed, I will defend Trotsky’s analysis of fascism, the popular 
front and all the rest. I am sharply critical of Trotsky’s 
party-building methodology but have yet to read a more cogent analysis 
of the tragic events that led to the rise of fascism and WWII. For the 
most part, this analysis has achieved intellectual hegemony. If you read 
New Left Review, Monthly Review, and other influential Marxist journals, 
you will find very little special pleading on Stalin’s behalf.

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