[Marxism] Examples of the use of force by American forces against its citizens.

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 14 22:51:39 MDT 2009

"If you're going to bring up Kent State, you should also include Jackson
State. A similar massacre but of African-American students occurred at
Jackson State University at roughly the same time as that of Kent State."

There is a certain logic in excluding Jackson State, as well as the untold
number of lynchings, primarily in the South, that were carried out with the
lead taken by government officials. It's what Malcolm X said about not being
an American, but one of 22 million Black victims of Americanism. This is, in
a way, separate and apart from the point made about "citizens" versus all
people who live in the U.S.


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