[Marxism] English skinheads wave ... Israeli flag!

Nick Fredman n.fredman.11 at scu.edu.au
Tue Sep 15 06:11:21 MDT 2009

A minor point, but "skinhead" is a stylistic rather than a political  
position. The cropped head and Doc Marten footed look has historical  
connections to ska and reggae, the 80s mod revival, and anti-racism  
and leftist politics, as much as to the fascism for dummies and the  
particularly stupid form of hardcore punk which are more popularly  
associated with the term "skinhead". The latter grouping were often  
termed "boneheads" by those identifying with the former set of  

Representative of the "left skins" in the 80s was a UK ska band, the  
Redskins, members of the SWP.  Similarly in Australia there was the  
Strange Tenants, members of the Moscow-line SPA. The latter played at  
the first conference I went to, the Resistance national gathering in  
1990. There was a security detail (of more buff comrades than me) in  
case the Nazi skins made an appearance, which they apparently were  
wont to do at the Tenants' gigs previously. They didn't: the physical  
confrontations between fascists and the left had peaked a year or two  
before my involvement and boneheads have been pretty much invisible  
here since (some no doubt graduating to One Nation in the 90s and  
Australia First now). In contrast ska, which is almost by definition  
anti-racist, seems to get revived at least every 5 years.

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