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Tue Sep 15 17:48:45 MDT 2009

This text was first published in the May-June 1982 and subsequent issues 
of the now-defunct magazine /Line of March/, a journal that came out of 
the Maoist movement in the United States. It deals with the development 
of Lenin's theory of labour aristocracy. At the time of writing, *Max 
Elbaum* was a member of the /Line of March/ editorial board. *Robert 
Seltzer* was a member of the /Line of March/ Labour Commission. A 
nationwide grouping of Labour Commission members and associates 
contributed to the research and preparation of the article.

The articles were republished in 2004 as a pamphlet by Resistance Books, 
and with the publishers' permission the pamphlet has been made available 
to /Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/.

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