[Marxism] English skinheads wave ... Israeli flag!

Juan Fajardo fajardoj at comcast.net
Tue Sep 15 18:10:04 MDT 2009

Indeed, in San Francisco a number of skins took an active part in the 
anti-Apartheid and South Africa divestment demos in the late 1980s.     
At one point they mixed up several pounds of pennies with red paint 
--i.e. "blood money""-- and we students joined them in throwing handfuls 
into into a number of BofA branches from the Mission to Union Square.   
It was a repeat of similar activities that they had carried out earlier 
in the decade during the War Chest Tours demos.

- Juan

Eric Johnson wrote:
> I also was recruited to leftist politics out of the 1980's skinhead scene in the US.  

>> From: Nick Fredman <n.fredman.11 at scu.edu.au>
>> Subject: Re: [Marxism] English skinheads wave ... Israeli flag!
>> To: ewjohnson72 at yahoo.com
>> Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2009, 8:11 AM
>> A minor point, but "skinhead" is a
>> stylistic rather than a political  
>> position. The cropped head and Doc Marten footed look has
>> historical  
>> connections to ska and reggae, the 80s mod revival, and
>> anti-racism  
>> and leftist politics, 

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