[Marxism] Obama versus the lobbyists

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 16 07:49:09 MDT 2009

Obama vs. the Lobbyists
A Scorecard for the Future of American Politics
By Andy Kroll

At the end of this summer of discontent, of death panels and unplugging 
poor Grandma, of birthers and astroturfers and rifle-toting picketers, 
the halcyon early days of the Obama administration feel increasingly 
like hazy, gilt-edged memories. The president's sprawling legislative 
agenda -- a health-care overhaul, financial regulation reform, slashing 
wasteful military spending, and climate change legislation legislation 
-- is slowly grinding its way through the halls of Congress. Barack 
Obama's sheen, his administration's unflagging confidence, and all the 
bipartisan, post-racial aspirations have been replaced by the hard 
realities of Washington politicking. And with the media's lens more 
tightly focused than ever on Washington's every move and utterance 24/7, 
anything said a few months back feels like a lifetime ago.


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