[Marxism] is capitalism permanent?

ayub mohammed mdayyub at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 16 11:05:17 MDT 2009

Marxism, as a theory and practicable task and goal for many states and its people holding it in the hands in millions all over the world like a torch to quell the darkness of the poverty from their lives, marched years together with a hope for the liberation from all the problems they have in their lives for the socialism, now the majority of the people have been desisted it and do not like even to utter it in their daily lives in recent years after the failures in USSR, in CHINA. As a result the USA has emerged the single strongest state to rule the world in its own way what it thinks fit on the different names, world peace or war on terror. At the same time the USA itself is now under economic depression and striving to recover from recession and going to loose its legacy in coming years in the hands of new states in the same way of open market and global reforms. The same kind of the treatment what it has given to the other states in its past history
 after its independence, is going to receive in the same way. Now it has already started such wounds to its body to receive from others. The history has so many such instances of rise and decline of the dynasties in the world from the biblical period to the present conditions. So here one question is in the minds of millions of the people globally that the capitalism is the only stable state of condition of the world states irrespective of considering their development to the level of capitalist societies of the present developing countries. And has it no further progress of the social states from capitalism to socialism? Is the socialism dead? Is capitalism permanent state of social condition of state? The capitalism may have three or four types in its execution and in its administration in the world.So let us examine the credibility of Marxism from all aspects what we believe to change lives of the people from its dialectics to the word communism. All
 are here by requested to share in my hard and difficult effort

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