[Marxism] Venezuela to go nuclear: US upset (of course).

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 12:03:02 MDT 2009

There´s something else, and I think that this "something else" is what 
upsets pundits at Washington.

No scientific development is, in or for itself, peaceful or warlike.

The development of nuclear science and techniques has an implication, 
that a given coutry MAY, if need be, develop its own nuclear military 

There are two countries in South America that, if they considered it 
convenient or necessary, can advance in a plan for military development 
of nuclear power: Argentina and, following closely, Brazil.

Chávez wants to enter that club.

Why? Because though he knows that neither Venezuela nor Brazil nor 
Argentina can or should or may find it useful to develop atomic weaponry 
by themselves, he is always thinking in Bolivarian terms (that is, in 
the concrete terms of a united mass of Latin Americans or at the very 
least of South Americans). A united South (or Latin) America might find 
it more interesting to develop its own nuclear weapons.

I guess Chávez doesn´t want to be out of the task, if the moment comes.

nada escribió:
> Shane, now think, carefully. . .
> Do you know the difference between a *tropical* and a *desert*? Tropical 
> means *rain* and rain means *clouds* and clouds mean very low solar 
> efficiencies, even for the advanced thin-film PV. Solar-Thermal would 
> most definitely be a waste. Ergo, no solar.

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