[Marxism] Venezuela to go nuclear: US upset (of course).

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 13:03:45 MDT 2009

Venezuela does NOT have plenty of arid areas. There is a coastal 
stretch, as you say yourself, but it doesn´t even cover the whole 
coastal área of the country. On the other hand, aridity and 
cloudlessness are not synonymous. The most arid place on planet Earth, 
the Antofagasta desert in Northern Chile, does usually display cloudy or 
hazy skies. As to wind, the capacity for this kind of energy production 
is in Venezuela very low, to say the least. The prevailing winds are not 
strong enough to make the attempt even reasonable.

Wind farms in South America are reasonable in both Argentinean and 
Chilean Patagonia, where the winds from the West produce enormous 
amounts of energy, but not in the Caribbean.

Sometimes it seems to me that you, Shane, try to "be right" at all 
costs. Well, this is simply not possible. nada told you >> Shane, now 
think, carefully. . .

Why not following advice, once at least?

Shane Mage escribió:
> On Sep 16, 2009, at 1:38 PM, nada wrote:
>> Shane, now think, carefully. . .
>> Do you know the difference between a *tropical* and a *desert*?  
>> Tropical
>> means *rain* and rain means *clouds* and clouds mean very low solar
>> efficiencies, even for the advanced thin-film PV. Solar-Thermal would
>> most definitely be a waste. Ergo, no solar.
> Venezuela has plenty of arid areas.  The Caribbean coastal region  
> receives a mere 11 inches p.a.  And there is plenty of wind (which is  
> the mechanical rather than radiative form of solar energy) everywhere.

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