[Marxism] More On the Republic Windows And Doors Struggle

Bill Quimby wquimby at embarqmail.com
Wed Sep 16 18:42:38 MDT 2009

"Last Wednesday former CEO of Republic Windows & Doors, Richard Gillman, was
arrested at his Magnificent Mile condominium in Chicago and charged with a
laundry list of crimes related to the liquidation of the company’s enterprise in
Chicago last December.

Among the eight felony counts detailed by Assistant State’s Attorney John
Mahoney were money laundering, theft, organizing a continuing financial crime
enterprise, and mail fraud. Gilman was subsequently taken into custody after
Cook County Judge Peggy Chiampas set bail at $10 million.

Last December, about 250 workers at Republic’s Chicago plant occupied the
factory following its abrupt closing. At issue was the payment of unused
vacation time, the immediate termination of health insurance, as well as the
60-days severance pay mandated by federal law in a mass layoff event. After six
days of mounting working class support in the US and internationally, the
occupation was defused though a deal brokered with Bank of America for an
extension of credit to pay the workers back pay and to provide two months of
health insurance coverage."

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- Bill

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