[Marxism] Marxian Economics: An Intensive Introduction

Politicus E. epoliticus at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 12:19:57 MDT 2009


Marxian Economics: An Intensive Introduction (audio lecture by Rick Wolff)

Listen at http://www.rdwolff.com/content/marxian-economics.

"This course provides a working foundation in the core concepts of
Marxian economic theory – necessary and surplus labor, labor power,
surplus value, exploitation, capital accumulation, distributions of
the surplus, capitalist crises, and the differences between capitalist
and other class structures. In addition, these core concepts will be
systematically used to understand current social problems (including
political and cultural as well as economic problems). The goal is to
enable students to apply Marxian economics in their own efforts to
analyze society and to strategize politically today."

Please distribute this link to any individuals, organizations, groups,
etc., that might have an interest.  It consists of four audio lectures
that are approximately 1.5-2 hours each, each less than 40 MB in size.

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