[Marxism] Rant re lying hypocritical Democrats Re: Obama versus the lobbyists

Steve Palmer spalmer999 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 13:04:57 MDT 2009

This is the most disgusting, lying piece of ass-licking I've read all week.
If we want to start digging into who collected how much from whom, let's start with the fact that Obama collected $2,279,595 from the insurance industry and $2,100,543 from the pharmaceutical industry during his presidential campaign.

There is NO healthcare reform going, just health insurance reform. And the health insurance reform is about making it illegal to not have insurance and f*** all assistance for any of those who really need it today: the poor, the unemployed, undocumented workers. No public plan; no capping doctors pay; no kneecapping of private insurance parasites etc etc. To present the situation as poor embattled Obama versus the lobbyists is a gross rewrite of the facts. 

Why the left is falling for all this beats me ... the Democrats are actually going to make the situation worse, not better. No wonder Wall Street was applauding Obama ...


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> Subject: [Marxism] Obama versus the lobbyists
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> Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 6:49 AM
> Obama vs. the Lobbyists
> A Scorecard for the Future of American Politics
> By Andy Kroll
> At the end of this summer of discontent, of death panels
> and unplugging 
> poor Grandma, of birthers and astroturfers and rifle-toting
> picketers, 
> the halcyon early days of the Obama administration feel
> increasingly 
> like hazy, gilt-edged memories. The president's sprawling
> legislative 
> agenda -- a health-care overhaul, financial regulation
> reform, slashing 
> wasteful military spending, and climate change legislation
> legislation 
> -- is slowly grinding its way through the halls of
> Congress. Barack 
> Obama's sheen, his administration's unflagging confidence,
> and all the 
> bipartisan, post-racial aspirations have been replaced by
> the hard 
> realities of Washington politicking. And with the media's
> lens more 
> tightly focused than ever on Washington's every move and
> utterance 24/7, 
> anything said a few months back feels like a lifetime ago.
> full: 
> http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/175114/andy_kroll_the_washington_influence_machine
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