[Marxism] Britain’s unions commit to a mass boycott movement of Israeli goods

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Thu Sep 17 15:31:40 MDT 2009

> 17 September 2009
> Britain’s unions commit to a mass boycott movement of Israeli goods
> In a landmark decision, Britain’s trade unions have voted overwhelmingly to
> commit to build a mass boycott movement, disinvestment and sanctions on
> Israel for a negotiated settlement based on justice for Palestinians.
> The motion was passed at the 2009 TUC Annual Congress in Liverpool today
> (17 September), by unions representing 6.5 million workers across the UK.
> Hugh Lanning, chair of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: ‘This
> motion is the culmination of a wave of motions passed at union conferences
> this year, following outrage at Israel’s brutal war on Gaza, and reflects
> the massive growth in support for Palestinian rights. We will be working
> with the TUC to develop a mass campaign to boycott Israeli goods, especially
> agricultural products that have been produced in illegal Israeli settlements
> in the Palestinian West Bank.’
> The motion additionally called for the TUC General Council to put pressure
> on the British government to end all arms trading with Israel and support
> moves to suspend the EU-Israel trade agreement. Unions are also encouraged
> to disinvest from companies which profit from Israel’s illegal 42-year
> occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.
> The motion was tabled by the Fire Brigades Union. The biggest unions in the
> UK, including Unite, the public sector union, and UNISON, which represents
> health service workers, voted in favour of the motion.
> The motion also condemned the Israeli trade union Histadrut’s statement
> supporting Israel’s war on Gaza, which killed 1,450 Palestinians in three
> weeks, and called for a review of the TUC’s relationship with Histadrut.
> Britain’s trade unions join those of South Africa and Ireland in voting to
> use a mass boycott campaign as a tool to bring Israel into line with
> international law, and pressure it to comply with UN resolutions that
> encourage justice and equality for the Palestinian people.
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> http://mondoweiss.net/2009/09/the-bds-movement-will-continue-to-grow-as-long-as-israel-avoids-accountability.html
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