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2009/9/18 Joaquin Bustelo <jbustelo at bellsouth.net>:
> Freeware/free software to me means both free as in freedom and as in free
> beer, not just free of charge.

Usually in English language software circles a distinction is made
between 'freeware'
(zero dollars up front) and Free ('Libre') Software.

Anyway the pamphlet is very good, and reads well in conjunction with
Lenin's 'Imperialism and the split in Socialism'
(and I'd throw in Lenin's article 'In Australia' which sometime
appears in the Progress Moscow collection 'On Britain')

It wasn't the only tantalising 'Part One' produced by Line of March
that never ended up having a 'Part Two'.  (Another that would
certainly interest Joachin if it became available would be the
'critique of the Black Nation thesis' by Bob Wing.)

so fire up your choice of Free PDF reader:


and grab the file:



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