[Marxism] mesoamerican calendars (+ 2012 apocalyptics)

Max Clark poeticaleconomy at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 19 09:02:11 MDT 2009


Sorry to drop a "wiki" link but I'm not sure of how many people are aware of these things. Sometime in 2012 one among these many, many calendars resets according to massive, billion year long, astronomical cycle or something. Its even caused some cultish apocalyptics I've had the misfortune to come across foretelling of special "events" occuring on that date. If someone could elaborate on the psychology of apocalyptics here that would be great. The truth is my brother flirts with, I should say interns with, this crap website cum entrepreneurial group run from NYC called


I call them the Ginsbergian left, or the "spirituals" blurring into the left. Still basically a capitalist enterprise though. 

The very best,
Max Clark 

p.s. I can't bring myself to read the above linked website very much. Is it as crap as I think?


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