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Michael Perelman writes:
> I was asked to give an opening talk to a conference in Turkey. Michael
> Lebowitz, of 21st Century Socialism, will be attending, so I hope that
> he will appreciate the title assigned to me. I have dashed off the
> beginnings, before I get to Marx. I would appreciate any comments that
> you might have.
Well, lots of problems with this:
1. To the best of my knowledge, there is no firm called '21st Century 
Socialism' (unless Heinz Dieterich, characteristically, has acquired 
patent and copyrights-- having earlier revealed himself as putative 
father), and I am of it only in the sense of being part of the commons.
2. I am unable to attend the conference in Turkey. As I indicated to the 
organisers way back, too much travelling is not consistent with work, 
and this year is full. As it happens, our institute in Venezuela (Centro 
Internacional Miranda) has organised a conference at the same time on 
'the new international situation and construction of socialism for the 
21st century' (assuming the conference and, indeed, CIM are not 
cancelled as the result of the demands of party leaders--- part of the 
continuing drama).
3.Talking about 'political economy' without clearly distinguishing 
between the political economy of capital [the subject of Marx's 
critique--- and 'critique' is not in itself a call for abolition] and 
'the political economy of the working class' [of which Marx spoke 
favourably] inherently mars any discussion of political economy. See my 
'Beyond CAPITAL: Marx's Political Economy of the Working Class', 2003--- 
especially you, Sartesian, if you are going to talk about the 
'overthrow' of political economy as such.
    the other michael

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