[Marxism] political economy-- errata

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I'll look at it, but it is certainly clear from the body of Marx's writings 
that "political economy" has no life separate and apart from the class 
conditions that gave rise to it-- the organization of  capital.

Whatever Marx may have said favorably about the "political economy of the 
working class" to the contrary notwithstanding,  everything in Capital, in 
the Theories of Surplus Value, in the Grundrisse, in the Critique.. 
identifies political economy as a construct, an instrument,  the ideology of 
the bourgeoisie.

Indeed the critique is not the abolition, just as Capital, which is not 
itself a "new" political economy,  is not the abolition of political 
economy.  That abolition if a practical task, a task of class struggle, of 
the overthrow of the social relations of production.  That's what Capital is 
getting at.  Hell, that's what Marx is getting at in everything he writes.

There is no Marxist political economy, any more than there is Marxist 
philosophy, Lukacs, and/or the Frankfurt School to the contrary 

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