[Marxism] political economy-- errata

Dogan Gocmen dgn.gcmn at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 20 14:15:56 MDT 2009

 The conference held in Turkey/Kocaeli (nearby İstanbul) is the first annual
conference of the series of conferences to be organised under the general
heading of *International Congress of Political Economy*. Next year's
conference might  be on Keynes, Marx and crisis. This is not definit
yet. (please
see: www.asconit.org)

Unfortunately Michael Lebowitz will not be able to attend the conference due
to his other commitments (publications, conferences etc). He may come to our
next year's conference. Neither Samir Amin will  probabily be able to attend
the Conference. We have not heart from him for quite a while. So we do not
know exactly whether he is going to attend or not. Most probabily not.
Michael Perelman is asked to make the opening speech of the Conference on
the challenges for political economy of the 21st century. He will be
followed by Tülin Öngen (University of Ankara) who will be talking about
'Wich Political Economy?', and Vivienne Brown (International Adam Smith
Society/Open University) on Adam Smith. Besides invited speakers, there are
around 80 papers to be presented to the Conference. If anyone interested:
together with Ismail Siriner I will be presenting a paper on *Adam Smith's
Understanding of Human Conditions in the age of "Commercial Society" and

With regard to publications: selections of the papers presented to the
Conference will probabliy be published in Research in Political Economy
(English), in Turkish Journal of Political Economy (English and Turkish) and
in Adam Smith Review. The whole Conference papers will be published in a
volume in Turkey/Ankara by Dipnot Kitapevi. There are also some
international publishers interested in publishing a selection of papers.
This stil need to be figured out.

Anybody on the list is very welcome to attend the Conference.

Dogan Göcmen
Author of The Adam Smith Problem:
Reconciling Human Nature and Society in
The Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations, I. B. Tauris,
London&New York 2007

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