[Marxism] Food imperialism: Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution

Michael Perelman michael at ecst.csuchico.edu
Sun Sep 20 20:22:29 MDT 2009

In January 1975, I was invited to debate Norman Borlaug at Santa Barbara 
Community College.  Because of his fame, it was scheduled for a very large 
auditorium.  For some reason, he did not or could not show up, but 
participated via some video hookup on a movie screen.

I attacked the Green Revolution on several points: Water equity, 
pesticides, credit dependency, the Rockefeller interests in seeing greater 
consumption of petrochemicals, displacement of small farmers, etc.

He was condescending, but because it was California in the 1970s, I think 
that the majority was with me.  But then, as we aging basketball players 
say, "the older get, the better I was."

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