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Disagree with your interpretation that the workers [of Britain] had an 
"immediate interest" in supporting the Confederacy-- as the cotton from the 
South meant employment in textile mills.

What distinguishes Marxist analysis from political economy is not politics 
vs. economy, or politics over economic interest, but the social struggle for 
the emancipation of labor.

Saying workers had an immediate interest in supporting the Confederacy as it 
meant employment is like saying GM workers have an immediate interest in the 
government bailout as then SOME of them might be able to keep their jobs.

But Marxist analysis, as opposed to political economy in conservative or 
reformist dress, begins with the social organization of labor, and so the 
immediate interest of the working class is in fact the interest of the class 
as a whole, not for some, not for those employed in the textile mills, but 
for the class as a whole.  So the immediate interest of the working class 
was not just for the defeat of the Confederacy, for the end to slavery, but 
for the emancipation of black labor.

The immediate interest and the ultimate interest are not distinct and 
oppositional, but mediated, and when mediated by the class acting as a 
whole, or for itself, we  get the end to political economy.

Anyway, that's why I think there is no such thing as Marxist political 
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