[Marxism] "WW2": interimperialist war to redivide the world

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Mon Sep 21 02:14:08 MDT 2009

David worte some time ago, regarding World War II

>>Or the Indonesians? WHY did they welcome British and US troops
>>then? Was there something WORSE about the Japanese occupation vs the
>>historic Dutch or US occupations?

I don't know what Lou said in reply, because when I click on it I get an 
error message. So I hope this doesn't repeat anything.

Who says the Indonesian masses welcomed British and US troops? US troops 
don't really figure in this. It would make more sense to refer to Australian 
troops. Some Indonesians were indeed pro-western, notablly the followers of 
the social democracy and the Communists. However the main section of the 
independence movement tactically collaborated with Japan. Which is not to 
say that they actually  liked Japanese imperialism, it was all about 
positioning themselves for independence.

When the allied troops arrived in Java, there were pitched battles. The 
biggest was at Surabaya where the British onslaught was extremely bloody but 
did not crush the independence movement.  Further east the Australians 
helped install the Dutch butcher Paul Westerling against the will of the 
people. It's noteworthy that a lot of Australian rank and file soldiers 
sympathised with the Indonesians and helped where they could. Also that 
2,000 or so Japanese soldiers deserted to join the Indonesian liberation 
struggle, most of them dying in battle. 

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