[Marxism] Juan Cole on Ahmadinejad's latest speech on the holocaust

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Sep 21 07:28:46 MDT 2009

Andrew Pollack wrote:
> I checked Juan Cole's site first thing after reading the Times account
> to see if once again Ahmedinejad had been mistranslated. I checked it
> again after Louis posted this link and it's been updated. Cole is
> still furious at him but has modified some of his earlier conclusions.
> On a directly related note: the mainstream media is claiming his
> opponents were chanting "Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, We Will Die for Iran,"
> at the Al Quds Day protests. 

This is rather puzzling to me. Of all the issues that divide the 
government and the opposition, support for Gaza and Lebanon would appear 
to be the least controversial. Not that Ahmadinejad has offered much in 
the way of support for the Palestinians to begin with. Lebanon must be a 
reference to Hizbollah but again it is not clear what the chants are 
supposed to mean. Does the mass movement in Iran really get worked up 
over Hizbollah?

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