[Marxism] Germany's Die Linke shows the way for the left

Einde O'Callaghan eindeoc at freenet.de
Mon Sep 21 09:20:58 MDT 2009

Lüko Willms wrote:
> Einde O'Callaghan (eindeoc at freenet.de) wrote on 2009-09-21 at 00:28:04 in  
> about Re: [Marxism] Germany's Die Linke shows the way for the left:
>> The key question for Marxists in Germany is not whether DIE LINKE is 
>> reformist or not, but where Marxists should be active given the weakness 
>> of Marxism in Germany. 
>    What is "Marxism" and what who is "Marxist" (both with capital "M"!)? 
If you don't know what Marxism is (always written with a caöpital letter 
in English!) I don't know why you are a member of this list or run a 
major German-language website devoted to Marxist theory.

I consider myself a Marxist (i.e. somebody who attempts to operate on 
teh basis of the theories developed by marx and Engels and developed by 
others who consciously regarded themselves as following in this 
theoretical and political tradition, e.g. Lenin, Luxemburg and Trotsky 
inter alia).

>> My personal view is that they definitely should not be standing 
>> on the sidelines making abstract comments about how 
>> inadequate DIE LINKE is. 
>   Inadequate for what task? 
>   Besides, what is the big difference with doing entryism in the PDL[1]? 
>> That is a recipe for disaster analogous to the 
>> "Class against class!" rhetoric of Third-Period Stalinism - although on 
>> a lesser scale given that German Marxists today are not as entrenched in 
>> the working class as the KPD was.
>    Supporting the combined socialdemocrats and stalinists in their fight for 
> entry into bourgeois governments is something completely different from 
> fighting for a common front of _action_ to defend the working class 
> movement and our institutions against a fascist onslought. Very strange that 
> you can confuse these two issues. 
>     And ask yourself: how do you answer the bourgeois commentators who 
> wonder about how little the PDL gained in and from the economic crisis? 
I consider that DIE LINKE is a place where a larger number of people 
dissatisfied with the system as it exists have gathered. Among these 
people there are many peoßple who are open to new ideas and ways of 
thinking because their traditional political allegiances have been 
shattered. This makes it a fertile ground for political intervention by 
Marxists, certainly more fertile than what existed before the emergence 
of the WASG.

Adopting a prolier than thou attitude and standing alone in glorious 
isolation is certainly not going to advance the struggle for socialism. 
I admit that we may make mistakes but if we can learn from our mistakes 
and build an organised Marxist core in Germany then we will have made 
some advance.

Of course, if people have given up on the idea of socialism - as even 
people who run websites called "Voices of the Proletarian Revolution" 
may well do - this is all irrelevant and a retreat into bored cynicism 
is probably the best way out for a former revolutionary.

Einde O'Callaghan

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