[Marxism] Juan Cole on Ahmadinejad's latest speech on the holocaust

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Sep 21 11:30:47 MDT 2009

Mark Lause wrote:
> To clarify, I didn't mean that the stories about Ahmadinejad were plants,
> but the stories about what the opposition was chanting.  Until we see a tape
> of it...I'd be skeptical.  As we know, the US particularly tends to shape
> these oppositions to something usable...and perceptions of those oppsoitions
> in particular to something usable.

This is the explanation I got from the Revolutionary Flower Pot blogger 
whose word I trust implicitly. In his latest post at 
http://revolutionaryflowerpot.blogspot.com/, he called attention to the 
slogans that had been raised and which he supported:

• "Ey daad az in jenaayat: Ghazeh biyaa hemaayat!" (Woe be upon this 
crime: Gaza come to our support!);
• "Ahmadi-ye terrorist; farqhe to baa Sharon chist?" (You terrorist 
Ahmadi[nejad]; what's your difference with Sharon?);
• "Iran shodeh Felesteen; mardom cheraa neshasteen?" (Iran's become 
Palestine; why are people sitting around?);
• "Na Ghazeh, na Lobnaan; jaanam fadaaye Iran!" (Neither Lebanon nor 
Gaza; I'll give my life for Iran!).

When I asked him if the last slogan could be interpreted as reactionary, 
he wrote in reply:

Hi Louis,

When looked at in isolation, I personally find the slogan too 
nationalistic, and not very wise, politically speaking. However, in the 
context of all the other slogans that were also raised 
(indicating/declaring openly that the Iranian people and the 
Palestinians are on the same side), I am a bit reassured that the real 
sharp point of the slogan, addressed to the coup regime, runs something 
like this:

_You, Ahamdinejad-Khamenei coup regime, are saying we the Iranian people 
should remain slaves and/or die or at your hands, or die of torture in 
your prisons, so that you can pose as a pro-Palestinian bunch. But, we 
will die instead for OUR own rights and for our right to be free of your 
brutality, which is exactly the same as the Israeli's!

Like everything social, this one too is very multi-sided and should not 
be taken in isolation. Anyway ... That's how I see it.

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