[Marxism] "WW2": interimperialist war to redivide the world,

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 14:26:58 MDT 2009

Tom, thanks for your comments.

It is not for me, historically, whether WWII was a "good war". No 
imperialist war ever is "Good". For that matter, no war is "good". 
But...my question always revolves around what if (Louis P. hates 'what 
ifs', understandably) Britain was, say, knocked out of the war, forced 
to sue for peace from the Germans. Totally plausible. [Same with the US 
in the Pacific and the US was forced to not participate in the war in 
any meaningful measure.] This avoids the question of a successful peace 
or, "America First" question, per se, but with the same results. This is 
especially an important question for Europe and, more specifically, the 
USSR and a Nazi occupied Europe. I simply see  "Britain losing" (a 
colloquial version of a Leninist defeatist position) as not particularly 
a good thing, and in fact disastrous for humanity. And this is where I 
depart from common Trotskyist positions on WWII, which, arguably, is 
most 'orthodox' of Leninist positions out there on this subject.


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