[Marxism] Turkey: Final Version?

Michael Perelman michael at ecst.csuchico.edu
Mon Sep 21 14:30:28 MDT 2009

I like what you are doing with the medical analogy.  I am not sure that 
the time constraints at the conference will allow me to expand on it.

If I did, I would go on to the way that capitalist medicine 
concentrates on the individual relationship, like to economist focuses 
on the transaction.

But capitalism as a disease is a nice touch.

> As for the medical analogy:  even the best doctors, thus who wholeheartedly 
> support, and engage their patients, are constrained in their practice of 
> medicine [wish I could italicize "practices"] by the demands, terms, limits 
> to reproduction of the economy.
> Good doctors cannot overcome those limitations by engaging, involving their 
> patients in their own treatment.   They cannot "cure" social illnesses 
> through individual contact, no matter how numerous those individual contacts 
> can be.  There is in fact a real material need for the abolition of 
> capitalism in order to actually maintain, enhance the public health,  social 
> health.
> Think the same applies to good, and really good, economists.

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