[Marxism] Turkey: Final Version?

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I am sure you will enjoy your visit to Turkey.
Thank you for your presentation as well.  You may find quite a lot of people in Turkey who may argue that while Marx's analysis on capitalism is correct, as you also state:
"He took the fundamental categories of classical political economy, such as labor and profit, and then analyzed their contradictory nature, which classical political economy had overlooked" yet they may stress that the current contradictions between labor and capital does not work in the neo-colonial countries at the level it does in a metropolitan country.  
Reading recently on the nature and development of the "Green Capital," that is, the Islamic capital in Turkey, which is challenging the traditional line of monopoly capitalists with their own Islamic monopolist organizations, the labor-capital relations and market relations can not be described alone in the form of free contracts between workers and bosses.
The tribal/religious-sect character of Islamic organizations, using tribal/religious-sect relations force workers to work in the Islamic controlled factories modeled after the Islamic hierarchy in these sects.  The unions are banned or the workers are forced to join a sect-approved union and the boss represents the tribal or the sect leader.  Any dispute, in the minds of the workers, is seen as being disrespectful to the religious leader.  Of course, contrary examples are in abundance as well.  But this is the model being forced by the Muslim capitalists.
On the market forces, Muslims are being bombarded everyday by the Islamic press (which has flourished by the unprecedented corruption and help from the state) to buy only Muslim produced products while secular businesses are portrayed as supporting immoral values.  Religious fatwas were given by religious authorities to purchase only certain brands of products, for example to buy Ulker Biscuits produced by Sharia minded food producer Ulker.  This contradicts the premise that people will be in the market rationally to purchase the cheaper or better products.  
As in religion, the fascistic top-down state apparatus, linked closely with Imperialism has always been an extra-economic force using the colonial-type fascist state to crack down on the workers, not even allowing the "normal" market or economic forces to dominate the relationship.
The question of Islamic capital and extra-economic forces in capitalism may come up during the discussions there.  I am sure you will be in a lively audience.
In solidarity

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I like what you are doing with the medical analogy.  I am not sure that 
the time constraints at the conference will allow me to expand on it.

If I did, I would go on to the way that capitalist medicine 
concentrates on the individual relationship, like to economist focuses 
on the transaction.

But capitalism as a disease is a nice touch.

> As for the medical analogy:  even the best doctors, thus who wholeheartedly 
> support, and engage their patients, are constrained in their practice of 
> medicine [wish I could italicize "practices"] by the demands, terms, limits 
> to reproduction of the economy.
> Good doctors cannot overcome those limitations by engaging, involving their 
> patients in their own treatment.   They cannot "cure" social illnesses 
> through individual contact, no matter how numerous those individual contacts 
> can be.  There is in fact a real material need for the abolition of 
> capitalism in order to actually maintain, enhance the public health,  social 
> health.
> Think the same applies to good, and really good, economists.

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