[Marxism] Turkey: Final Version?

Dogan Gocmen dgn.gcmn at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 22 01:01:06 MDT 2009

I think the question in relation Smith is not honesty or dishonesty.
This is a subjective approach. We should reject the dishonest
picture of Adam Smith that has been presented to us by Neoliberlas.
Remember that along with Hegel's Smith work is one of the most important
source and compenent part of Marx's work.The qustion that needs to be raised

is rather what is/what was historically necessary from Smith'spoint of view.

When Smith justifies capitalism ("Commercial Society") he does this agianst
feudal system.
But at the same time he analyses and criticise capitalism. This is the
legacy for Marxists I think.
If you look closer at Smith's work you will find that he justifies, though
more imlicitly than explicitly,
the possibility of communism envisaged by Thomas More. It is time that
Marxists remember
Lenin's essay: *Three Sources and Component Parts of Marxism*.
Dogan Göcmen
Author of The Adam Smith Problem:
Reconciling Human Nature and Society in
The Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations, I. B. Tauris,
London&New York 2007

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