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Visit http://www.greenleft.org.au/2009/811/41737 for the first report as
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 Honduras Updates: Repression unleashed, resistance prepares more action
*Green Left Weekly is planning to run ongoing coverage on the dramatic
developments in the struggle for democracy and justice in Honduras over the
coming days. Two reports, from September 21 and 22, are published below. In
Sydney, there will be an emergency action in solidarity with the Honduran
people on Thursday, September 24, 5pm at the Latin American Plaza (next to
Central Station at the Devonshire Street side).*

* * *

 Honduras: Repression unleashed, resistance prepares more action

Federico Fuentes, Caracas

September 22 — The dictatorship in Honduras, which overthrew the elected
government of President Manuel Zelaya on June 28, has unleashed a wave of
repression against the masses of people who have taken to the streets
demanding Zelaya’s restoration.

Zelaya, who was exiled by the military, secretly entered the country,
travelled to the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa and sought asylum in the
Brazilian embassy two days ago. Masses of his poor supporters, who have
waged three months of ongoing peaceful resistance against the coup, gathered
outside the Brazilian embassy — defying the coup regime’s imposition of a
total curfew.

Dirian Pereira, a member of the international commission of the National
Front Against the Coup in Honduras (FNRG) told *Green Left Weekly* from the
Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa: “The repression has extended into the
neighborhoods [of Tegucigalpa] and other parts of the country.

“There has been repression in La Canada, which has a high population of
teachers. Similarly in Cerro del Picacho and other places.

“They are raiding houses and launching tear gas canisters everywhere, with
is obvious affecting the population a lot.”

Pereira said “some 2000 people were being detained on the outskirts of the
city”, while around 150 had been jailed in Tegucigalpa and 50 in San Pedro

Images are also emerging of large numbers of protestors being rounded up and
detained in a soccer stadium in Tegucigalpa.

The coup regime began its wave of repression around 4am on September 22 when
the military launched a brutal attack on protestors gathered outside the
Brazilian embassy. They had been gathering there since the previous day to
welcome Zelaya back.

The brutal repression forced protestors to leave the area. Soldiers then
raided the two surrounding houses, blocked off all road access to the
embassy, and cut off the embassy’s electricity and water.

Tear gas has also been launched into embassy grounds and ear piercing noise
blasted in the area in an attempt to force Zelaya out.

“The fear is that they will attack the embassy ... they may even try and
assassination Mel [as Zelaya is popularly known], although this is
speculation”, Pereira said.

In light of the “extreme repression, the National Front will be meeting in
the next few hours to decide what position to take” added Pereira.
*GLW*will report on the outcome of the meetings as soon as possible.

The website of the FNRG posted a declaration at 11am calling on “all of the
resistance” to participate in “a peaceful march tomorrow, September 23 at
8am in front of the Pedagogical University Francisco Morazan”.

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