[Marxism] Direct from Honduras: "There is a people's insurrection occurring" (Green Left interview/update)

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Direct from Honduras: “There is a people’s insurrection”

Federico Fuentes, Caracas

September 22 — Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, overthrown in a military
coup on June 28 and currently in the Brazilian embassy in the Honduran
capital Tegucigalpa, has told Telesur TV that the coup regime is planning to
take over the Brazilian embassy at 11pm Honduran-time. He says they plan to
assassinate him.

Ricardo Arturo Salgado, a social investigator and activist in the Honduran
anti-coup resistance based in Tegucigalpa, told *Green Left Weekly* over the
phone from the capital that, “the decision we have all taken is to fight
with everything we have”.

He reiterated the information revealed by Zelaya, insisting there is “a plan
to cause blackouts at 11 tonight”, which will be the pretext to take over
the embassy and possibly kill Zelaya.

The mass resistance to the coup has continued for three months, with daily
protests, strikes and road blockades. With Zelaya’s return the Honduras, a
desperate coup regime has significantly increased repression. The people are
increasingly in open rebellion.

Arturo Salgado said there was an “intense reaction on the part of the
resistance in many zones across Tegucigalpa, in what we call *barrios* and *
colonias* [poor neighbourhoods]. I would say that there are some 15-20
highly populated barrios that frankly find themselves in a situation of
total insurrection, fighting against the police, against the army and even
against paramilitaries.

“We have evidence that paramilitaries are participating in the street
battles in some of the colonias.

“The police are trying to retake positions but the people’s insurrection is
occurring in places that geographically are very far apart from one another.

“In general, we can say that there is a situation of insurrection, with the
advantage that in these moments the police helicopter that today was being
used to fire against the people cannot be used during the night.”

On the critical situation in Tegucigalpa, he said: “All the shops are closed
and there is a shortage of food, of medicine.

“At any moment we could see the looting of shops, because the people are
entering into desperation mode.

“Moreover, it seems that, although there is not as much news regarding this,
that in the interior of the country there are strong insurrectional
mobilisations in very small zones. This has to do with the tactic of
protesting close to home.

“The people are spontaneously taking the decision to resist and the line
coming from the [National Reistance Front Against the Coup] was, for today,
to resist close to one’s home.”

“But tomorrow we are calling on everyone to march [in Tegucigalpa].

Arturo Salgado confirmed to *GLW* that the national front has called a march
for tomorrow (September 23) that will start at 8am outside the Pedagogical
University Francisco Morazon.

Finally, Aturo Salgado called on all alternative media outlets to join the
campaign of informing the world about the truth of what is occurring in
Honduras — and in denouncing the murderous plans of the coup regime.
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