[Marxism] Turkey: Final Version?

Dogan Gocmen dgn.gcmn at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 23 03:12:41 MDT 2009

Pat, thank you very much for sharing your observations.
I think I do not have to add to this much. Just one point Marx and Engels
did pay a lot of attention to the issues within a state-owned system.
Therefore Engels conclusion that it was not the final solution. Pease look
at what Marx says about bureeaucracy in his writings on Paris Commune.
Unlike Anarchist, Marx and Engels recognised the necessity of the transition
period. Interms of experience we are much richer today than Marx and Engels
were. The study of these experiences not just Soviet Union may help us to
draw some conclusions according to our given situation when we come to the
power again.
Best wishes,
Dogan Göcmen
Author of The Adam Smith Problem:
Reconciling Human Nature and Society in
The Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations, I. B. Tauris,
London&New York 2007

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