[Marxism] "WW2": interimperialist war to redivide the world,

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Wed Sep 23 13:26:51 MDT 2009

> I am not _that_ sure of this. The "final solution" was linked to the
> decission to wage a total war on two fronts, it was in a sense a result
> of desperation. If Hitler had managed to strike an agreement with the
> West to fight against Moscow together, then it would not be impossible
> that the German bourgeoisie had managed to replace the Nazis with a more
> sensible political group... and carry on the anti-Bolshevik parcel of
> her programme without mass murdering Jews, Gypsies or homosexuals.
Whilst the Final Solution was not, I believe, absolutely inevitable until 
around 1941, I do feel the above tends to underplay the centrality of 
anti-semitism (and anti-Gypsyism, anti-gayness, etc.) to Nazi ideology.

Recommended reading on this subject: the late Marxist historian Tim Mason's 
essay 'The Primacy of Politics', in which he argues for certain 
'superstructural ideologies' (my term, not his) assuming an autonomous role 
of their own, however much they might be rooted in economic and other 


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