[Marxism] In Search of Beethoven

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 23 15:48:56 MDT 2009

Shane Mage wrote:
> And that is the "best of kings" adulated by  
> Beethoven, the supposed democrat.  Which is to be expected from the  
> composer of a Symphony celebrating "Wellington's Victory at the Battle  
> of Vittoria."  But didn't Beethoven tear up the dedication page of his  
> Third Symphony when he heard that Bonaparte had crowned himself  
> Emperor?  Where then, were his "democratic sympathies" when Bonaparte  
> had made himself dictator as "First Consul?"  Alas, in crowning  
> himself Emperor, Bonaparte had ended the Holy Roman Empire.  And that  
> act of lèse majesté to Beethoven's Austrian Kaiser was unpardonable.

Sounds like Beethoven was the 19th century counterpart of Castroite 
apologists like me today! Guilty as charged.

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