[Marxism] In Search of Beethoven

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Yes, Beethoven did certainly compose "Wellington's Victory..."   Amazing 
that nobody bothers to mention what a terrible piece of music it is-- total, 
irredeemable dreck, written  by Beethoven with at least the partial intent 
to parody/imitate/employ Malzel's (Beethoven's collaborator on and 
instigator of this piece) invention-- the panharmonicon.

Yes, he tore up the title page of Symphony #3 (originally named Bonaparate) 
when he heard that Napoleon had crowned himself emperor.  Prior to that, of 
course, Beethoven was enamored with Napoleon and even considered moving to 

Any you know what else?  Why Beethoven was subsidized by the decadent German 
and Austrian nobility. No! Yes!  He even wrote pieces on commission for, and 
dedicated to,  them.  No! Yes!


I think we're much better off not trying to make of Beethoven anything other 
than what he was-- as Robert Greenberg puts it in his lectures on 
Beethoven's Symphonies-- "genius and troublemaker."  His democracy, his 
liberty, and freedom, his overthrow of convention is his music.  It's all 
about the music, not Beethoven's politics.

(With thanks to Dennis Brasky)
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