[Marxism] "WW2": interimperialist war to redivide the world,

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No way.  No matter how much better planned out, Barbarossa could not have 
succeeded-- to suceed it required complete internal collapse of the Soviet 
Union's productive power, military organization and political leadership. 
That's what social combat means.

Did not occur. Then.  Did occur in the period leading up to 1991, which is 
why the USSR went down with a whimper and not a bang.

I recommend reading Glantz's Colussus Reborn to understand that, in the end, 
"better planning" of Barbarossa, not dividing forces to move south toward 
the oil regions but concentrating on Moscow, etc. etc. were not "mistakes" 
that could have been remedied, and if remedied, led to Germany's victory.

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>I. There
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> 1940 and Barbarossa been more successfully planned out 

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