[Marxism] Ahmadinejad's advice to the world

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 23 18:54:51 MDT 2009

Concluding paragraphs of UN Speech today (I'll stick with Nimrod and 

Therefore, we emphasize that: – The only path to remain safe is to 
return to monotheism (believing in the Oneness of God) and justice, and 
this is the greatest hope and opportunity in all ages and generations. 
Without belief in God and commitment to the cause of justice and fight 
against injustice and discrimination, the world architect would not get 
right. Man is at the center of the universe. The man’s unique feature is 
his humanity. The same feature which seeks for justice, piety, love, 
knowledge, awareness and all other high values. These human values 
should be supported, and each and every fellow humans should be given 
the opportunity to acquire them. Neglecting any of them is tantamount to 
the omission of a constituting piece of humanity.

These are common elements which connect all human communities and 
constitute the basis of peace, security and friendship. 7 The divine 
religions pay attention to all aspects of human life, including 
obedience to God, morality, justice, fighting oppression, and endeavor 
to establish just and good governance. Prophet Abraham called for 
Oneness of God against Nimrod, as Prophet Moses did the same against 
Pharaohs and the Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon them) 
did against the oppressors of their own time. They were all threatened 
to death and were forced out of their homelands. Without resistance and 
objection, the injustices would not be removed from the face of the 
earth. Sixth; (Dear friends and colleagues; The world is in continuous 
change and evolution.

The promised destiny for the mankind is the establishment of the humane 
pure life. Will come a time when justice will prevail across the globe 
and every single human being will enjoy respect and dignity. That will 
be the time when the Mankind’s path to moral and spiritual perfectness 
will be opened and his journey to God and the manifestation of the God’s 
Divine Names will come true. The mankind should excel to represent the 
God’s “knowledge and wisdom”, His “compassion and benevolence”, His 
“justice and fairness”, His “power and art”, and His “kindness and 
forgiveness”. These will all come true under the rule of the Perfect 
Man, the last Divine Source on earth, Hazrat Mahdi (Peace be upon him); 
an offspring of the Prophet of Islam, who will re-emerge, and Jesus 
Christ (Peace be upon him) and other noble men will accompany him in the 
accomplishment of this, grand universal mission. And this is the belief 
in Entezar (Awaiting patiently for the Imam to return). Waiting with 
patience for the rule of goodness and the governance of the Best which 
is a universal human notion and which is a source of nations’ hope for 
the betterment of the world. 1 They will come, and with the help of 
righteous people and true believers will materialize the man’s 
long-standing desires for freedom, perfectness, maturity, security and 
tranquility, peace and beauty. They will come to put an end to war and 
aggression and present the entire knowledge as well as spirituality and 
friendship to the whole world. Yes; Indeed, the bright future for the 
mankind will come. (Dear friends, In waiting for that brilliant time to 
come and in a collective commitment, let’s make due contributions in 
paving the grounds and preparing the conditions for building that bright 
future. Long live love and spirituality; long live peace and security; 
long live justice and freedom. God’s Peace and blessing be upon you all.


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