[Marxism] Honduras: US welcomes call for coup leaders for senior diplomats to "assist"

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Wed Sep 23 19:46:39 MDT 2009

The latest manoeuvre while Honduran streets are battle ground, with police
and army violently repressing protests defying the regime's curfew.

US backs Honduras invite for top diplomats

(AFP) – 7 hours ago

WASHINGTON — The United States on Wednesday welcomed an invitation by
Honduras's de facto leaders for senior international diplomats to visit the
country, in a bid to end the simmering crisis there.

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said de facto foreign minister Carlos
Lopez Contreras had invited "a representative group of foreign ministers"
from members of the Organization of American States to go to Tegucigalpa for

"We welcome that announcement and we look forward to supporting that
initiative," Kelly said.

Tensions have flared in the Central American nation since ousted President
Manuel Zelaya returned earlier this week and holed up in Brazil's embassy in
the capital Tegucigalpa.

The United States also backed calls for a UN Security Council meeting to
discuss the crisis.

Kelly said the United States -- which holds the presidency of the top UN
body this month -- had received a request for debate from the Brazilian
government to discuss the crisis and was looking at it "positively."

"The Brazilian government has formally requested the UN Security Council
convene to discuss the safety and security of president Zelaya and Brazilian
facilities and personnel," said Kelly.

"We don't have any details about when exactly that meeting will take place
but we are looking at it positively," he added.

Diplomats have moved to ease the tension caused by Zelaya's return, amid
concerns police and demonstrators amassed outside the embassy may reprise
bloody clashes that accompanied Zelaya's first attempt to return to Honduras
in July.

"We do have our concerns about the possible impact it may have on the
situation on the ground, especially the possibilities for clashes and for
this reason we have called on both sides to exercise restraint," said Kelly.

In the third day of the Brazilian embassy standoff on Wednesday, Kelly said
some staff had been allowed to leave and food and electricity supplies had
been resumed.

Some embassy staff left in vehicles provided by the US government he said.

Zelaya was bundled out of the country in his pajamas in a military-backed
coup on June 28.

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