[Marxism] In Search of Beethoven

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Wed Sep 23 19:54:26 MDT 2009

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IP: I can hardly think of anything I've read on Beethoven (and I've read a 
great  deal) that *doesn't* claim that this work is awful.

That's because it is a truly awful piece.  That it made money, and brought 
Beethoven acclaim is the result of public, political, sentiment.

IP: that's not a view I adhere to,  thinking instead that some seeds of his 
late style (but pre- the late  quartets) were sown there. A move away from 
individualistic bourgeois  heroism towards militarism.

Warning! Linear correspondence between music and politics being attempted! 
The ship will self destruct in T minus 5 minutes.

IP: The whole conception of 'genius' has come under sustained scrutiny by 
recent Beethoven scholars.

Again his genius, his troublemaking is in his music-- his "violation" and 
recomposition of the "rules" of harmony, melody, rhythm.  I don't see any 
reason or need to argue about that.

IP:  I don't really accept that the music doesn't in itself constitute a 
form of  politics.

T minus 10, 9, 8, 7,................... 

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