[Marxism] May Day weekend, Chicago: International Conference

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A Century+ of May Days: Labor and Social struggles
International Conference

In Chicago during May Day weekend 2010, there will be a conference to
discuss, debate and analyze labor and social struggles B both past and

We hope to cover an array of important historical and political topics. In
addition to purely academic pursuits, conference participants will have the
opportunity to participate in the May Day rally organized by the Chicago
Federation of Labor and the Illinois Labor History Society.  If there is
sufficient interest, we will set up a Chicago labor history tour.

Initial list of participants and endorsers:  James Thindwa, Illinois Labor
History Society Trustee; Suzie Weissman, Saint Mary's College of California;

Bryan Palmer, Trent University (Canada); Ronald van Raak, M.P. (The
Netherlands); Kim Bobo, Interfaith Worker Justice; Michael McIntyre, DePaul
University; Peter Hudis, Loyola University; Sungur Savran, Author (Turkey);
Lea Haro, University of Glasgow (Scotland); George Gonos, SUNY- Potsdam;
Janine Hatman, University of Cincinnati; Lauren Langman, Loyola University;
Alexander Pantsov, Capital University; Francis King, Secretary-Socialist
History Society (London); Mark Lause, University of Cincinnati; Eric A.
Schuster, Truman College; Knud Jensen, DPU Aarhus University (Copenhagen);
Axel Fair-Schulz, SUNY- Potsdam; JP Page, CGT (France); Dianne Feeley,
Against the Current; Kevin Anderson, UC - Santa Barbara; Fritz Weber
(Vienna); Jerry Harris, DeVry University; Joe Barry, University of Illinois;

Theo Bergmann, (Stuttgart); Dan LaBotz, Author (Cincinnati); Sobhanlal Datta

Gupta,. Surendra Nath Banerjee Professor, Calcutta University. (India);
Spectre Magazine (Belgium); Steven McGiffen, American Graduate School of
International Relations (Paris); Len Kaufmann (Wisconsin); William A. Pelz,
Institute of Working Class History (Chicago)

Further details: mayday1890.2010 at gmail.com or write:

Institute of Working Class History
2335 W. Altgeld Street
Chicago, IL. 60647-2001 U.S.A.A

Name _________________________
Organizational affiliation*_______________________________
*(for identification purposes only)
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